Orchard End Murder [Blu-ray]

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A sexually-charged true-crime drama ,Christian Marnham s The Orchard End Murder chronicles the brutal murder of a young woman (Tracy Hyde) in rural Kent ,and dramatizes the tragic aftermath of the crime.The hunt for the killer leads the woman s boyfriend (Mark Hardy) to the house of an ecentric stationmaster, who tends a garden of gnomes and seems to posses a diabolical secret. Orchard End is a cinematic curiosity item, being a short feature intended for distribution as part of a double-bill (usually packaged with Gary Sherman s
Dead and Buried). Restored by the British Film Institute, this edition also includes Marnham s The Showman,a fascinating documen- tary portrait of seedy sideshow impresario Wally Shufflebottom Jr.

Special Features: Interview with Christian Marnham | Interview with actress Tracy Hyde | Interview with actor David Wilkinson | The Showman (1970, 25 min.), a documentary short directed by Christian Marnham | Christian Marnham on The Showman




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