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88 Films reveals new releases POPCORN, NIGHTMARE BEACH, more

88 Films recently posted a few new release announcements on their Facebook page, and horror fans are in luck because the company has a few new Blu-ray offerings for their Slasher Classics and Italian Collection.

popcorn slasher classics

First up is the announcement of Slasher Classics #38, Popcorn. Fans may realize that Popcorn recently got a release from American label Synapse Films with a special collector’s edition steelbook and also a standard Blu-ray, but 88 Films is also bringing this classic home to UK fans on Octtober 8th. No information about extras or transfer just yet, but considering the difficulty getting Popcorn out to audiences in the past, it’s good to see 88 Films putting this slasher out as well.

harlequin 88 films

Next up is Harlequin (also known as Dark Forces), an Ozploitation film starring Robert Powell that will join 88 Films’ 88 Vault line-up as number 008. This one comes from writer Everett De Roche (Long Weekend, Razorback) about a senator visited by a magical stranger. This one was previously released by Scorpion Releasing on Blu-ray, but again, this is meant for UK audiences – it will also drop October 8th.

body melt 88 films

Also coming to the 88 Vault line is Body Melt, another Ozploitation classic body horror film. This one was previously released  by Umbrella Entertainment and Vinegar Syndrome also did a 2k scan, but there’s no word yet on the type of transfer used for this Blu-ray release and the extras are to be confirmed. This one hits on October 22nd.

Finally, 88 Films announced a new Italian Collection film, Nightmare Beach, which has been given a new 2k restoration. This one may be the most exciting of the bunch; no Blu-ray edition is available yet, and it’s a pretty gory film from director Umberto Lenzi. Again, extras are to be confirmed but right now that 2k scan sounds pretty great. This one also releases October 22nd.

All of these new releases are going to be available for pre-order both on Amazon and on 88 Films’ website.

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