Add two more Sorority Row vids to the body count

Coming soon after the first NSFW video, two more Sorority Row clips have surfaced out of the woodwork.

The first isn’t mindblowing; in fact, it’s rather lame in comparison to what we have been seeing from the NSFW clips, and we could easily piece this scene together from the trailers that have been coming out. No spoilers here, just some pretty boring stuff from the opening of the film.

The second is more interesting. It’s another NSFW clip, this time totally unrelated to nudity, but it means you’ll still have to go through the trouble of putting your birth date in (unless you lie). This is another kill sequence, and while I will admit that the death is pretty brutal, I’ve been very unimpressed with both stalkings. There’s not much tension or suspense, and in this clip especially, it’s very easy to foresee what will happen. I’m a little worried about why Sorority Row feels it is a good idea to release both of these deaths – we now know what happens to two of the women, and they’re not exactly exciting me for the entire movie, as much of what I’ve been seeing seems to be generic slasher fare with slightly creative kills. Make of it what you will.

See the whole thing September 11. If they keep releasing these clips, I’m not going to have any time to post on other movies coming out for the fall lineup!

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