Fright-Rags bringing popular Zombie Vs. Shark shirt back from the dead

Fright-Rags realizes that it’s When Nature Attacks Week here at Cultsploitation; I mean, why else would they be re-releasing this popular Zombie Vs. Shark T-shirt design that has been sold out since 2008 right at this very moment? That’s too much of a coincidence.

Joking aside, fans of Fright-Rags who missed out on this Jeff Zornow artwork will be happy to learn that, starting tomorrow, the Zombi 2-inspired tee will be available from Fright-Rags for the next three days at a special price to usher in the new Classicks series. This is only getting one print, so be sure to order it or else risk missing out once again (probably forever at this point). Be sure to keep an eye out for other Classick t-shirts headed your way as well!

You can order the shirt tomorrow at 10 AM on

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