Horror Horizon – Horror Releases for January 10, 2017

Horror releases for January 10 on Blu-Ray and DVD. Click the film’s title to go to the Amazon listing page; purchase to support this site!

Max Steel

“16-year-old Max McGrath is just trying to fit in at his new school when he discovers that his body can generate a mysterious energy. When he meets Steel—a rebellious techno-organic alien who has been secretly watching him—these two unlikely friends find themselves hunted, and must band together to form the superhero Max Steel to stop the sinister forces who want to control Max’s power in this adventure of galactic proportions!”

Dead of Winter

“Katie McGovern will do anything to make it as an actress…even if it kills her.

Academy Award® winner Mary Steenburgen* and Roddy McDowell star in the chilling Dead Of Winter. When struggling actress Katie (Steenburgen) is offered the opportunity to replace an actress who has suffered an emotional breakdown during a film shoot, she jumps at the chance for the role of a lifetime. Arriving at the filming location – an isolated mansion in upstate New York – and getting to know her two mysterious benefactors, Dr. Lewis (Jan Rubes, Witness), and Mr. Murray (McDowell, Fright Night), she begins to suspect there’s more to the story… but she can’t quite put her finger on it. As the pieces fall into place and the weather outside turns frightful, Katie’s quest for stardom becomes a fight for survival in this twisty thriller from the director of Bonnie & Clyde.

• NEW Interview with Actress Mary Steenburgen
• Original Theatrical Trailer and TV Spots
• Still Gallery”

Under the Shadow

“Within the chaos of the Iraq war, when a missile hits their apartment building but fails to explode, a mother learns from a superstitious neighbor that the cursed object has brought in malevolent spirits to terrorize her young daughter.”

The Survivor

“When a 747 crash lands in a Sydney suburb – a still-spectacular sequence that helped make this the most expensive Australian film of its time – the inferno kills everyone on board except the pilot (Robert Powell of JESUS OF NAZARETH and TOMMY) who emerges from the wreckage miraculously unscathed. But as a local psychic (Jenny Agutter of AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON) begins to communicate with the spirits of the doomed passengers, it will unlock a nightmare of madness, murder and supernatural horror.

Hollywood legend Joseph Cotten in his final film performance co-stars in this shocker directed by British film icon David Hemmings (BLOW-UP, DEEP RED) and produced by Ozploitation maverick Antony I. Ginnane (THIRST, PATRICK, TURKEY SHOOT), featuring haunting cinematography by Academy Award® winner John Seale (THE ENGLISH PATIENT, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD) and now transferred in 2k HD for the first time ever.

Special Features:

Not Quite Hollywood Extended Interviews with Producer Antony I. Ginnane and Cinematographer John Seale
The Legacy of James Herbert
Robert Powell on James Herbert – Archive TV Special On Location Featuring Interviews with Stars Joseph Cotten and Peter Sumner
Archive TV Interview with David Hemmings
Archive TV Interview with David Hemmings and Robert Powell
Antony I. Ginnane Trailer Reel
TV Spot”

Crystal Lake Memories/Never Sleep Again

“Inspired by the critically-acclaimed book, CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES: THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF FRIDAY THE 13TH takes viewers behind the mask on an epic journey into the making of the landmark horror franchise-from its humble beginnings in 1980 at a New Jersey summer camp to the blockbuster release of its 2009 “reboot.” Combining hundreds of rare and never-before-seen photographs, film clips, outtakes, archival documents, conceptual art and behind-the-scenes footage, and featuring interviews with more than 150 cast and crew members spanning all twelve films and the television series, CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES is the ultimate tribute to one of horror’s most iconic and enduring franchises.

NEVER SLEEP AGAIN: THE ELM STREET LEGACY- Murderer. Dream Demon. The bastard son of a hundred maniacs. Any way you slice it, there can only be one man – one monster – who epitomizes those words: Freddy Krueger. For decades, he has slashed his way through the dreams of countless youngsters and shows no signs of ever resting in peace. A Nightmare on Elm Street star Heather Langenkamp is your dream guide in this thrilling “shockumentary” that takes you deeper into Freddy’s realm than ever before, featuring exciting clips, never-before-seen photos, behind-the-scenes footage, conceptual art, publicity materials and exclusive new interviews with over 100 key cast and crew from every Nightmare, including Wes Craven, Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp, Jack Sholder, Mark Patton, Kim Myers, Chuck Russell, Jennifer Rubin, Renny Harlin, Lisa Wilcox, Tuesday Knight, Stephen Hopkins, Kelly Jo Minter, Rachel Talalay, Lisa Zane, Alice Cooper, Patrick Lussier, Miko Hughes, Monica Keena, Brendan Fletcher, Ronny Yu and many more. So get ready for Freddy in the definitive account of modern cinema’s eternal bogeyman and what has been called the most frightening and imaginative horror franchise in motion picture history!”


“From enigmatic director Donald M. Jones comes one of the most disturbing and rarely seen serial killer sagas of the 80s: By day, mild-mannered Steve Belmont (Eli Rich of THE JIGSAW MURDERS) is a clean-cut teacher and youth counselor at his Los Angeles church. But by night, he’s a sexual psychopath who murders prostitutes and dumps their bodies in the Mojave Desert. Ashley St. Jon (TAKIN IT OFF) co-stars in this overlooked and effective (Horrorpedia) chiller, now with an all-new audio commentary and available uncut on DVD for the first time ever.

Bonus Second Feature: Jones trippy directorial debut, PROJECT NIGHTMARE is the obscure VHS nugget now restored for DVD that Unobtanium13.com calls something of a surrealistic masterpiece!

Special Features:

Audio Commentary With Writer / Producer James C. Lane
Partial Audio Commentary With Writer / Producer James C. Lane”

B.C. Butcher

“B.C. Butcher is the paleo-party horror movie of the stone-ages!

When a tribe of hot cave women impart cruel, violent justice onto one of their own and leave the dead cave girl’s body tied to a tree, their fate takes a turn for the worse! Stalked by a hideously deformed, giant, pre-historic monster called B.C. Butcher, the cave women are violently destroyed one by one despite warnings by the tribe’s blind prophetess. Who will save them?

B.C. Butcher is hailed as the first pre-historic slasher film! Shot on brilliant 16 mm film, the movie features O.J. Simpson trial star Kato Kaelin, a cameo from Rodney ‘The Mayor of Sunset Strip’ Bingenheimer (KROQ Radio), narration by Kadeem Hardison and a rock-n-roll performance by California band, The Ugly Kids. Club yourself with prehistoric horror and hilarity – Your eyes will pop! Your loincloth will drop!

Special Features:

Intro by Lloyd Kaufman (president of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger)
Cavegirl Commentary (with director Kansas Bowling and Lloyd Kaufman
Lloyd Kaufman’s tell-all interview with director Kansas Bowling
Pre-historic first scene
B.C. Butcher goes apesh*t in Hollywood
2 music videos directed by Kansas Bowling
Theatrical trailer
– Troma Now! Xtreme Edition
Radiation March
Tromatic trailers”

Strange Things 11 Movie Collection

“A group of kids on the run from evil scientists, a forbidden wasteland populated by bloodthirsty mutants and a family haunted by mysterious electronic pulses are just a few of the totally 80s tropes in this undeniably strange sci-fi/horror movie collection”

Lady Libertine/Love Circles

“Originally aired on Cinemax, two feature films from France’s master director, Gérard Kikoïne.
Famed French TV game show hostess Sophie Favier stars in this boldly sexy epic about a cross-dressing teenage orphan named Frank who is adopted by a handsome nobleman with his own strange urges. This 1984 Playboy production ignited an international controversy when Sophie Favier unsuccessfully sued to stop its long awaited re-release. Her court loss is a victory for fans everywhere!

From Paris to Rome, Cannes to Hong Kong, and Los Angeles to New York City, the true universal language is lust! In this update of the scandalous classic LA RONDE, a bevy of international beauties complete a chain of liaisons. What is the ultimate act of love between sisters?

Special Features:

Interview with director Gérard Kikoïne (French with English subs)
Gérard Kikoïne introducing Lady Libertine at the Fantasia Film Festival”

Honky Holocaust

“Through practical effects, informed low budget filmmaking techniques and unapologetic social commentary, HONKY HOLOCAUST both pays tribute to and without irony presents itself as exploitation cinema. Lust charged, fully resolved images of your worst nightmares and more than a bit of A Clockwork Orange ultraviolence.

Special Features:

Intro with Lloyd Kaufman (president of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger) and director Paul McAlarney
Behind-the-scenes Honkumentary
Exterminated scenes
You-won’t-believe-your-senses photo gallery
Theatrical trailer
Paul McAlarney’s exclusive video
Troma Now! Xtreme Edition
Radiation March
Tromatic trailers”

The Harrow

“Miller, a southern drifter, secludes himself in an abandoned 100-year-old slaughterhouse where he lives with visions of Gale, his dead lover. When Gale’s daughter shows up to dig up the past, they reassemble the shards of Miller’s shattered memory and are horrified at what they uncover. DVD BONUS FEATURES: NY Festival Premiere – Q&A with cast and crew; Director Commentary; Two short films by Kevin Stocklin”

The Summoning

“When a law student uncovers chilling secrets and places her life at risk, a bitter, rough-around-the- edges detective gets assigned to her case.”

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