Horrror Horizon – Horror Releases for July 25, 2017

Horror releases for July 25 on Blu-Ray and DVD. Click the Amazon button to go to the listing page and purchase to help support this site!

Ghost in the Shell

In the near future, Major is the first of her kind: A human saved from a terrible crash, who is cyber-enhanced to be a perfect soldier devoted to stopping the world’s most dangerous criminals.

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

When the city’s most feared gangsters are systematically eliminated, the Caped Crusader is blamed. But prowling the Gotham night is a shadowy new villain, the Phantasm, a sinister figure with some link to Batman’s past. Can the Dark Knight elude the police, capture the Phantasm and clear his own name?

Warlock Collection

Disc 1 includes Audio commentary with director Steve Miner, isolated score selections featuring audio interview with author Jeff Bond, Satan’s son – an interview with Julian Sands, The Devil’s Work – an interview with Steve Miner, Effects Of Evil – an interview with make-up effects creator Carl Fullerton, theatrical trailer, teaser trailer, TV spots, behind the scenes footage, stills gallery, vintage interview with cast and crew, vintage featurette with Carl Fullerton and Neal Martz, vintage featurette with visual effects supervisors Patrick Read Johnson and Robert Habros, animation supervisor Mauro Maressa and matte artist Robert Scifo.

Disc 2 on Warlock The Armageddon includes audio commentary with director Anthony Hickox, theatrical trailer, TV spots, vintage making-of featurette, stills gallery, behind-the-scenes footage, extended vintage interview segments with Julian Sands, Anthony Hickox and Paula Marshall. Warlock III The End Of Innocence inlcudes trailer, video sales promo, behind-the-scenes footage, stills gallery and vintage interview segments with cast and crew! –Lionsgate

The Stendhal Syndrome

DARIO ARGENTO’S Masterpiece Of Terror
Uncut, Uncensored And Newly Remastered!

When beautiful police detective Anna Manni follows the bloody trail of a sophisticated serial murderer/rapist through the streets of Italy, the young woman falls victim to the bizarre “Stendhal Syndrome” a hallucinatory phenomenon which causes her to lose her mind and memory in the presence of powerful works of art. Trapped in this twilight realm, Anna plunges deeper and deeper into sexual psychosis, until she comes to know the killer’s madness more intimately than she ever imagined.

Horror maestro Dario Argento (SUSPIRIA, OPERA) reaches new heights of florid fantasy and Grand Guignol with this warped work of art starring Maxim Magazine’s “Sexiest Woman in the World” Asia Argento (LAND OF THE DEAD, XXX), Thomas Kretschmann (DRACULA 3D, KING KONG) and Marco Leonardi (FROM DUSK TILL DAWN 3, CINEMA PARADISO). Previously edited outside of Italy, Blue Underground proudly presents THE STENDHAL SYNDROME in a gorgeous new 2K restoration from the original camera negative and bursting with brand-new Extras exclusive to this release!

Special Features Disc One:

  • NEW Audio Commentary with Troy Howarth, author of So Deadly, So Perverse
  • Three Shades Of Asia NEW Interview with Star Asia Argento
  • Prisoner Of Art NEW Interview with Co-Writer Franco Ferrini
  • Sharp As A Razor NEW Interview with Special Makeup Artist Franco Casagni
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Poster & Still Gallery

Special Features Disc Two:

  • Director: Dario Argento
  • Inspiration: Psychological Consultant Graziella Magherini
  • Special Effects: Sergio Stivaletti
  • Assistant Director: Luigi Cozzi
  • Production Designer: Massimo Antonello Geleng
  • BONUS Collectable Booklet with new essay by author Michael Gingold

The Complete Billy Jack Collection

Experience the legend like never before!

These four groundbreaking, action-packed classics from 70s pop culture icon Billy Jack feature all of the fast-kicking, politically aware stories that had audiences cheering. Influencing action films for decades, the Billy Jack films broke the mold with their unique hero, a half-American Indian/half white ex-Green Beret bent on correcting injustice and hypocrisy to help America reach its full potential.

 Black Butterfly

Antonio Banderas, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and Piper Perabo headline this chilling tale of a writer who takes in a mysterious drifter at his remote cabin and soon finds himself in a dangerous situation spiraling out of control.

My Chauffeur

Casey Meadows (Deborah Foreman, Valley Girl), a dishwasher at an Italian restaurant, has just received an unbelievable job offer: the opportunity to work as a driver at the prestigious Brentwood Limousine Limited. Much to the shock and frustration of its posh, all-male chauffeur staff, Casey accepts the offer, but as she begins to settle into her new position, she discovers that working as a driver is more grueling than she could have anticipated. Finding herself having to contend with stoned singers, devious diplomats, and other raucous clients, she’s quickly at her wits end, but when she picks up a young man named Battle (Sam J. Jones, Flash Gordon), who’s just been dumped by his girlfriend, a budding romance quickly begins, only for Casey to discover that Battle is her bosses’ son!

Writer/director David Beaird’s light hearted cult comedy, MY CHAUFFEUR, playfully combines comedy and romance with adept observations on sexism and class conflict. A late night TV staple, Vinegar Syndrome brings this 80’s classic to Blu-ray, newly restored from its original negative and featuring an all new interview with its leading lady.

Bonus Features:
1. Newly scanned and restored in 2k from the 35mm original camera negative
2. “License to Drive” – Interview with star Deborah Foreman
3. Commentary track with: David Beaird (writer/director) & Leland Crooke (co-star)
4. Commentary track with: Jeff McKay (production assistant)
5. Isolated soundtrack
6. Original theatrical trailer
7. Multiple tv spots
8. Behind the scenes still gallery
9. Cover artwork by Derek Gabryszak
10. Reversible cover artwork
11. English SDH Subtitles

The Zodiac Killer

Directed by Tom Hanson, who had previously owned a chain of Pizza Man restaurants, The Zodiac Killer was made to capture the real-life Zodiac Killer. That plan didn’t work. Instead, we got the most outrageous and compelling ”tabloid horror” vortex in the history of planet Earth. And beyond. During theatrical screenings, Hanson constructed in-theater ”traps” to lure the killer from hiding. These included the use of an ice cream freezer filled with rent-a-cops and a raffle with a motorcycle as a prize. You won’t get insight like this by watching a David Fincher movie. But you will get it while watching The Zodiac Killer.


  • New 4K scan from the only surviving 16mm blow-up elements
  • Audio Commentary with director Tom Hanson and producer Manny Nedwick
  • On-camera interview with director Tom Hanson and producer Manny Nedwick
  • Liner notes and director Tom Hanson interview by Chris Poggiali of TEMPLE OF SCHLOCK
  • Tabloid-horror trailers from the AGFA archive!
  • Reversible artwork
  • Bonus Movie!: ANOTHER SON OF SAM (1977) from a new 2K scan!

Beyond the Darkness

It has been denounced as “revolting” (SplatterDay.com), “stomach-churning” (Classic-Horror.com) and “shower-prompting” (Fandor), while simultaneously acclaimed as “bone-chilling” (Chas Balun), “truly classic” (The Spinning Image) and “a must-see” (Horror.com). Now experience “D’Amato’s masterpiece” (BloodyDisgusting.com) like you’ve never seen or heard it before: CinzIa Monreale (THE BEYOND) and Franca Stoppi (THE OTHER HELL) star in this psycho sickie – set to a pounding score by Goblin.

Severin is proud to present this sleaze-fest also known as BURIED ALIVE and BUIO OMEGA from director Joe D’Amato (ANTHROPOPHAGUS), restored and packed with exclusive new Special Features.

Special Features:

  • Joe D’Amato: The Horror Experience
  • The Omega Woman: Interview With Actress Franca Stoppi (17 Minutes)
  • Goblin Reborn Perform Buio Omega Live 2016
  • Locations Revisited
  • Sick Love – An Interview With Actress Cinzia Monreale
  • Trailer
  • CD Soundtrack Blu-ray exclusive)


Mess with Scorchy and you’re gonna get burned!

Connie Stevens is Jackie “Scorchy”, Parker, the hottest undercover agent the Feds have ever known. She makes fast friends … and deadly enemies. She can handle anything, from a car … to a chopper … to a .357 magnum. But the alluring agent may have her hands full when she takes on a drug-smuggling ring ruled by the sinister Philip Bianco (Cesare Danova). Will our titular heroine emerge triumphant? Fire up Scorchy and find out!

Also starring William Smith and Greg Evigan, Scorchy is an exciting and sexy 70s action flick, at last presented on Blu-ray in all its uncut and scintillatingly steamy glory.

Bag Boy Lover Boy

It has been hailed as “raw, funny and twisted” (PopOptiq), condemned as “soul-crushing” (NextProjection.com), and cheered as “a fresh new outsider vision” (Fantasia) at film festivals around the world. In this “sincerely disturbing” (Indiewire) debut from co-writer/director Andres Torres, a slow-witted misfit named Albert (Jon Wachter, giving what HorrorNews calls “the best male performance in a horror film this year” sells hot dogs all night from the most unsanitary food cart in downtown Manhattan. But when he’s invited to become the new model for a manipulative photographer, Albert will be exposed to a seething city underbelly. It may shock you. But you have never seen anything quite like BAG BOY LOVER BOY.

Special Features:

  • Trailer
  • Audio Commentary With Director Andres Torres, Actor Theodore Bouloukos and Editor Charlie Williams
  • The Student Films of Actor Jon Wachter: GOT LIGHT and THE NEVER-STARTING STORY

Alien Arrival

An interstellar Jekyll and Hyde, ALIEN ARRIVAL tells a tale of survival set amongst the distant stars.

Death Fighter

When an American cop (Matt Mullins. Divergent, Ghostbusters) witnesses his mentor’s (Joe Lewis, Kill ‘em All) murder in a trade deal gone wrong, he finds himself on the wrong side of the law in Thailand. But despite the bounty on his deal and pressure to leave the country, he teams up with an ex-military mercenary (Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson, Batman Forever) out to settle a score of this own to bring the killers to justice. Their quest for vengeance brings them face-to-face with a band of notorious criminals (Cynthia Rothrock, Eye For An Eye, Sci-Fighter) who vow to take them down if the jungle’s natural elements don’t kill them first. Non-stop action with an all-star cast of martial arts and competitive legends!

The Dark Below

A woman struggles for survival beneath a frozen lake while a serial killer stalks her from the surface.

Lust of the Vampire Girls

An homage to European exploitation of the 60’s and 70’s. A man searches for his missing girlfriend, who has been abducted into a clan of vampires, led by an insane Nazi doctor, whom he must battle to save the soul of the woman he loves.


A girl running from her past is forced to confront her future when her friends perform an impromptu seance. Dirty secrets are revealed and an uninvited guest joins the party.

The Glass Coffin

Amanda steps into a limousine waiting to take her to a gala ceremony where will receive a lifetime award for her acting career. Suddenly the doors lock, and Amanda’s phone is jammed. A strange voice tells her that she’s trapped, and begins to force her into doing things that slowly eat away at her respect and integrity. Amanda is smart, but will she escape this diabolical end game’

Awaken the Shadowman

Adam and his wife Beth are a struggling couple with a newborn baby Emma. Adam receives a phone call from his estranged brother, Jake, informing him that their mother has gone missing. He urges Adam and his family to come back to their hometown.

They are greeted by Jake and his wife Christy, who are a shining example of a happy couple. A search committee is at Evette’s house, from “Gateways”, a bereavement group that has been helping Evette deal with the loss of her previous home and their father.

As the brothers try to get past old grievances and work together in finding their mother, Adam becomes increasingly aware that Gateways may be up to something more sinister, and perhaps even behind their mother’s disappearance.

A dark, shadowy presence begins to stalk Beth, seeming to influence her thoughts. As Adam’s paranoia continues to grow, he becomes terrified that Gateways and a shapeless, faceless creature lurking around the family may be after their newborn baby.

The Night Shift

A security guard gets hired to guard an empty mansion until the owner will arrive in the morning. Little does he know, he has been set up as a human sacrifice to placate the various Demons who live in the house. Will he survive the shift or will he be a victim.

Afternoon Delights/Slave of Pleasure

Shaun Costello was one of the most prolific filmmakers of the 1970s and early 80s. Presented here are two of his later works which gleefully explore the seedy underbelly of New York City during its sleazy heyday.

AFTERNOON DELIGHTS: A group of friends have gathered for their regular poker night, but instead of dealing stud they are presented with a new game from their host Eric Edwards. A game where they try to decide who has the nastiest story about an ex-wife. One of Costello’s most memorable vignette films, AFTERNOON DELIGHTS stars Vanessa Del Rio, Veronica Hart, Serena, Samantha Fox, Eric Edwards and many more.

SLAVE OF PLEASURE: Private detective, Dan McCord (Roger Caine) has been hired by Richard Anselm (Shaun Costello) to find his beautiful wife, Eileen. As McCord digs into the case, he discovers that Eileen might have been kidnapped by white slavers. But as he uncovers more and more clues, suspicion soon starts to fall on Richard’s mistress, Barbara (C.J. Laing)…

Special Features
• Region free DVD
• Both films scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm archival elements
• Both films feature a commentary track with director, Shaun Costello
• Theatrical trailer for AFTERNOON DELIGHTS

My Master My Love/Teenage Masseuse/More

Ralph Ell was a jack of all trades in New York’s low budget sex film industry; writing, directing, producing, shooting, or editing dozens of low budget oddities. Collected here are three of his most elusive directorial efforts.

MY MASTER MY LOVE: Darby Lloyd Raines stars as a vicious dominatrix who lives with her beautiful slave girl. When her brother comes to visit, he immediately becomes smitten with the slave and plots to steal her away.

TEENAGE MASSEUSE: A bored housewife, who has fallen out of love with her husband, takes a job as a Times Square call girl. Can anything rekindle the love she once had for her husband?

MORE: A detective (Harry Reems) is on the case of a man who was murdered, reportedly by the mob. Using his wife as undercover sexual bait, they plan a trap for the hitman responsible…

Special Features
• Region free DVD
• All films scanned and restored in 2k from 16mm archival elements

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