Indie horror comedy Always A Bridesmaid looking for funding

The independent low-budget company Charred Oak Films has a vision – to make a short horror comedy on a low budget, titled Always a Bridesmaid. Their cast and crew is working for free, attempting to bring gory fun into everyone’s home. But here’s the thing: they need help. Unlike people, props and special effects are neither free nor cheap. Neither is food, film, and the whole nine yards that needs to go into a film. So where do you come in? It’s easy. Charred Oak Films has set up a pledge at Kickstarter, a new website dedicated to help give support for groups who need to raise money.

But what’s it about!? I’ll let the filmmakers tell you:

“We need your help to make an awesome horror-comedy short film. In Always a Bridesmaid, a night of fun and naughtiness at The Voodoo Lounge before Valerie’s wedding day descends into utter chaos when Janet, her maid of honor, becomes possessed by an evil voodoo loa spirit and begins horribly killing members of the wedding party one by one. Despite the aid of two male strippers unwittingly caught up in the carnage, this bride may not get out of her bachelorette party alive!”

It sounds like a hilariously ridiculous plot full twists support independent film these guys sound legitimately ecstatic about making this. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the filmmakers, who are happy to share their endeavor with you.

YOU pledge the money (everything from $1 and up is accepted, so pledge what you can give). YOU get a reward for your generous donation; some include a voodoo doll, your name on the filmmakers’ web page, your name in the film’s credits, a flight out to see the screening of the film, or even a chance to be written into the script and killed off in amusing and creative fashion. Remember that your pledge is only taken if the whole project is 100% funded, so no money will be withdrawn until the project succeeds. Again, click here for Always a Bridesmaid‘s Kickstarter pledging site. Check it out, give it some thought, and get some good karma by donating your money.

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