Lake Mungo proclaimed worthy of 8 Films to Die For festival

No, no, this is not a documentary on the lake in Australia, but this ghost story about a girl who drowns and begins haunting her family does center around it. After Dark Films has officially announced that the Joel Anderson-directed picture will be the third film to join the annual 8 Films to Die For Horrorfest, joining the likes of Dread and The Graves.

Here’s the trailer for the film:

The premise sounds pretty familiar, but the trailer looks promising, given the eerie documentary-style filming. I just hope it doesn’t rely on scares that have been done numerous times before, especially the ghost-walking-past-a-door routine that we can see showcased in the trailer.

The fourth Horrorfest begins January 29th and scares unwitting theater-goers through February 5th, but only in select theaters (of course excluding anywhere near my location). Make sure to check out Horrorfest Online for updates and theater locations for some much needed unrest.

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