My Favorite Halloween Specials #9 & 10: “Arnold’s Halloween” & “Four-Eyed Jack”

I guess it’s time for another Halloween specials post, huh? This time, I’m bringing you another throwback to my childhood with Nickelodeon cartoon series Hey Arnold!

This episode finds the Arnold, the gang, and his hat duping the town into thinking that aliens have landed. The premise is right out of history with the Orson Welles Halloween prank, but I loved and still do love Hey Arnold! so much that there was no way that this wasn’t going to get a mention.

Hey Arnold 207 Arnold’s Halloween

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And as a double-feature, I’ve included another Hey Arnold! favorite. This one has nothing to do with the holiday of Halloween, but it is a good ghost story that always slightly creeped me out as a kid.

“Four-Eyed Jack” is actually part two of a Hey Arnold! episode. Arnold and Gerald find glasses in the boarding house and think they are from a previous resident, Four-Eyed Jack, who supposedly haunts the place. Weird creaks and moans abound! Check it out – the episode has a ghastly feel throughout.

“Four-Eyed Jack” should start around halfway.

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