Neill Blomkamp to bring RoboCop back online back on duty with ROBOCOP RETURNS

The world’s a significantly different place since RoboCop released way back in 1987. We’ve advanced technology so much that robots can write novels, hold conversations with each other, and cause car accidents like humans. The United States tends to also have a sky-rocketing rate of police brutality. In some ways, we’ve crept ever closer to the crime dystopia of Paul Verhoeven’s classic film.

Now, Neill Blomkamp wants to bring RoboCop back with a sequel, but not to the dreadful remake from 2014 that Blood and Black Rum Podcast attempted to commentate. Instead, the new film, titled RoboCop Returns, will take place after the events of the first movie and jettison everything from the sequels. The idea is based on a script from Ed Neumeier and Michael Miner, the writers of the first film, that was intended as a direct sequel but scrapped and later replaced with what actually became RoboCop 2. Now Justin Rhodes is working on restructuring the dated Neumeier/Miner script for this reboot, with Blomkamp set to direct.

Honestly, it’s tough to get excited about this news when taking into account Blomkamp’s problematic track record of films and the fact that Peter Weller is probably just too damn old to revisit his iconic character, but fans of the series may take solace in the fact that at least we probably won’t have to see Joel Kinnaman attempt to show any type of robotic or human emotion in another RoboCop film.

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