Neve Campbell to star in Scream 4

Kevin Williamson and co. are returning for a fourth Scream film. Shock Till You Drop is reporting that Scream 4 will be a part of a new trilogy based on the Ghostface killer – how they will do it after already exhausting themselves with a spree of copycat killers, only time will tell.

But Neve Campbell has joined the cast of the film, along with David Arquette and Courtney Cox, who is just starting her role on ABC’s Cougar Town. Rumors about a fourth movie have been circulating for years, but it seems that this time the rumor has become the truth.

Plot details surfaced a while ago, but the script seemed to be focusing on a re-imagining of the original film. The news that STYD is reporting, plus the fact that Neve Campbell has signed on, seems to indicate Scream 4 will be a new chapter in the series.

Scream 4 is set to release sometime in 2010. I have always loved the Scream films, even if they were hokey and cliched. They’re fun horror, and I hope that the fourth film lives up to my expectations.

What about you? Are you interested?

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