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Title: Nightwish

Director: Bruce R. Cook

Written by: Bruce R. Cook

Starring: Brian Thompson, Jack Starrett, Robert Tessier, Elizabeth Kaitan, Alisha Das

Movie Release: 1989

Production Company: Vidmark Entertainment

Rating: R

Runtime: 96 min

Plot: Your innermost fears lead you inexorably to a dream of death... your own death!

Using sensory deprivation techniques, a doctor of parapsychology provokes his students to examine their own deaths in evermore horrifying circumstances. Roles are exchanged and shuffled as reality and fantasy become indistinguishable and each new dreadful death proves more terrifying than the last. Their paranormal explorations lead them to an abandoned mansion in a desolate area that natives call the "Valley of Fear" where years of drinking chemically tainted water have lead to a genetically damaged population and mutant wildlife. Local legends also tell stranger stories of extraterrestrials which the students attempt to explore.

Reality, the supernatural and dreams weave into a tight tapestry of horror and sublimated desire from which there may be no escape.

Blu-ray TECHNICAL specs

Blu-ray Label: Unearthed Classics

Blu-ray Release Date: Sept 17, 2019

MSRP: $29.95

Extra Features:

º Commentary with Paul White and Stephen Biro

º Trailers

º First print run gets a Limited Edition alternate slip cover!

º First print run gets an exclusive detailed booklet on Nightwish!

º Brand new 4k Mastering and restored color correction and from the original camera negative!

º Video store era cult classic makes its HD debut on digital and disc (on both DVD in SD and Blu-ray) for the first time!