NOES remake trailer surfaces, makes me long for the original

This Nightmare on Elm Street trailer has finally surfaced on the web after being tacked on to the Zombieland previews, and I must say that it looks pretty slick. You might see a familiar face or two in there; Katie Cassidy, who last starred in CBS’ horror serial Harper’s Island (reviews here, here, and here), plays Kris, and Jackie Earle Haley, fresh off of Watchmen, plays the clawed menace Freddy.

Unfortunately, this Elm Street looks a lot like the original in plot structure. I hope that director Samuel Bayer is working off of a loose adaptation of the first rather than a shot-for-shot remake, because then what’s the point in watching the new film? It may look shinier but it’ll be the same as before – I might as well just watch the old one. Which leads me to why we even need a remake, but that’s another matter altogether. I already just want to watch the original and revel in the glory of Robert Englund.

Suffice to say, though, the trailer has me excited for that bad boy Freddy and his tricks. But trailers can be deceiving…

Any thoughts?

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