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Suckers Synapse Films Blu-ray

August 25, 2020


Label: Synapse Films

Release Date: August 25, 2020

Price: MSRP $29.95

If you think car salesmen are lying, low-life scum, you should see them in their off hours – see this film before you buy your next car!

Daniel Benzali stars as Reggie, a pit bull of a car salesman who trains his crew to bilk customers out of as much cash as possible. Bobby DeLuca (Louis Mandylor) gets pressure from his wife (Lori Loughlin) to find a job at the dealership. Owing money to loan sharks and desperate for cash, Bobby reluctantly becomes an expert at screwing over his customers. Things go astray in Reggie’s tightly-run venture when loan sharks call in Bobby’s substantial debts. An award-winning indie cult hit directed by Roger Nygard (TREKKIES), SUCKERS is, “A great movie that’ll make you think twice before buying that next car.” (The Dallas Morning News) ” has the macho punch of a David Mamet drama.” (The Minneapolis Star Tribune).

Included on the Blu-ray of SUCKERS is a Bonus Double Feature Presentation of SIX DAYS IN ROSWELL in an all-new 4K restoration, with its own set of Special Features!

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August 25, 2020