scream factory february 2018

Scream Factory announces new titles for February, including WILLARD remake, THE VENGEANCE OF SHE

Scream Factory has been making some new Blu-ray announcements on their Facebook page in the past couple days, and so far they’ve all been for late February release.

willard 2003 blu-ray

So far, none are Collector’s Edition releases, mostly because these are smaller, relatively less popular titles. One of the newly announced films is Willard, the 2003 remake of the rat film they released previously on Blu-ray. This will release February 26 with extras, although those are as yet unannounced.

the mole people blu-ray

Another somewhat rat-related release on February 26 is The Mole People, the classic 1956 horror film about albino beings and their enslaved mole men. This is right in line with Scream Factory’s cult classic releases like Curse of the Cat People and should get some extra features at a later date.

the vengeance of she blu-ray

Newly unveiled this morning is the Blu-ray release of The Vengeance of She, a Hammer picture from 1968. Scream Factory has been rumored to be releasing multiple Hammer pictures in the near future, and it looks like this is just the start of some of those. Again, no extras released at this time but the Blu-ray should street Feburary 26th as well. These join the recent announcement of a Valentine Collector’s Edition for February 12th.

Will you be picking any of these features up?

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