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Title: Seven Women for Satan

Director: Michel Lemoine

Written by: Michel Lemoine

Starring: Michel Lemoine, Nathalie Zeiger, Howard Vernon

Movie Release: 1976

Rating: NR

Runtime: 82 min

Plot: Michael plays a descendant of the original count Zaroff who leaves his Paris flat every weekend to hunt humans on his isolated estate.

Review is not available.

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Blu-ray TECHNICAL specs

Blu-ray Label: Mondo Macabro

Blu-ray Release Date: Late June


Extra Features:

º 30 minutes of trailers and alternate and deleted scenes, including the mythical “seventh victim” sequence

º Interview with Robert de Laroche

º Archival interview with the late Michel Lemoine

º Limited edition 20 page illustrated booklet

º Limited edition Two brand new sleeves from Justin Coffee