Severin Films’ Black Friday announcements continue with MONDO FREUDO/MONDO BIZARRO

Severin Films has really been pumping out the Black Friday announcements. They started with All the Colors of the Dark, then they announced companion piece All the Colors of Giallo that compiles a number of giallo trailers across three discs and also includes a full-length documentary, interviews, a krimi trailer compilation, and bonus CD full of giallo themes.

all the colors of giallo

Now, Severin has dropped another big announcement: they’ve partnered with Something Weird to bring some of their “more perverse” (Severin’s words) films to Blu-ray. They’ll start with the double-feature Mondo Freudo/Mondo Bizarro on Black Friday; this collects both mondo-style films in a sleak package.

Mondo Freudo takes a look at sexual rituals across the globe, while Mondo Bizarro is a sleazy voyeuristic peep show. Here are the specs straight from Severin:

*Audio Commentary with Johnny Legend and Eric Caidin

*The Cadaver Is Infinity – Bob Cresse, Lee Frost and the Birth of American Mondo – Interview With Chris Poggiali

*Mondo Bizarro Trailer

*Mondo Freudo Trailer

Will you be picking all of these up on Black Friday?

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