Title: Trespassers

Director: Orson Oblowitz

Written by: Corey Deshon

Starring: Angela Trimbur, Janel Parrish, Jonathan Howard

Movie Release: 2018

Production Company: 1inMM Productions, The Hallivss Brothers

Rating: UR

Runtime: 88 min

Plot: Two couples working through relationship issues rent a gorgeous house in the desert for a sex-and-drug-fueled escape from reality. Sarah (Angela Trimbur, The Final Girls) and Estelle (Janel Parrish, Pretty Little Liars) are longtime best friends looking forward to reconnecting after a period apart; their boyfriends, Joseph (Zach Avery, The White Crow) and Victor (Jonathan Howard, Thor: The Dark World), however, are immediately wary of one another. As tensions escalate over the course of a debaucherous night, things take an unexpected turn when a woman (Fairuza Balk, The Craft) claiming to have car trouble shows up at the door. She's perfectly harmless ... or so they think. As the twists and turns pile up, so does the body count in this stylish, blood-and-neon-soaked thriller which hits with the furious force of a machete to the skull.

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Blu-ray Label: Scream Factory/IFC Midnight

Blu-ray Release Date: Jan 7, 2020

MSRP: $19.99

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