Trick ‘r Treat comic/movie releases Oct. 6 on DVD

Just received a copy of the Trick ‘r Treat comic adaptation in the mail today. Each chapter is drawn by difference artists, and the stories all seem to correspond with the others in some way. Very cool indeed, and really making me yearn for Halloween night, which is fast approaching.


In other Trick ‘r Treat news, the DVD release of the film is almost here. On October 6, the film will be on store shelves, and no one is more excited than me. I’ve been monitoring the film ever since I’ve heard word of it, mostly because it embodies everything that attracts me to Halloween. While I haven’t seen it, I’ve seen many pictures, including the book of stories that corresponds with it, and I’ve heard good things as well. I’ve already added it to my Netflix, so when it comes out I will have something to look forward to.

The film is being released by Warner and stars Anna Paquin and Brian Cox. Head on over to Amazon to preorder it.

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