Umbrella Entertainment announces Beyond Genres: Worlds on Film Collection, with their own version of Dagon

Horror News

Umbrella Entertainment, Australia’s best cult film distributor, has announced a new series of film releases on the label called Beyond Genres: Worlds on Film. Differentiating these releases from others on the label, the collection will get special edition O-rings with new artwork along with releases in limited editions.

Surprisingly, the first announcements include the Re-Animator trilogy; Re-Animator will receive its own Blu-ray package, while Bride of Re-Animator and Beyond Re-Animator will come packaged together. Both of these releases will hit in June.

Also announced is the Stuart Gordon film Dagon, which might sound familiar because Vestron Video just announced their own release yesterday along with Beyond Re-Animator. This one’s slated for a July release too. It will be interesting to see Umbrella Entertainment’s version of these releases, and one thing’s for sure: the new artwork for Re-Animator looks excellent.



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