Who’s excited for Saw VI this weekend!

Yes, another Saw is upon us, and even though I’ve come to regard its sequels with utmost suspicion, I can’t help but get a little bit giddy about the latest installment in the series. I don’t anticipate it having a good or even slightly realistic plot anymore, as that ship has sailed thanks to Jigsaw’s death and the completely misguided (or even brain-dead) decisions that the characters made in Saw V, but I have a feeling that the traps will still put me in a position of extreme unease.

That’s been a major draw for me from the original – how far will they bring the film this time? Saw V, I think, really divided people; some said it let them down as far as gore and creativity of the traps, and others (mostly me, here) said that Saw V might have been a bit heavy-handed in its violence. I guess it depends on what you’re looking for – will you sacrifice plot for really intense death scenes, or will leave the amount of pain up to the imaginations of the viewer?

I’m not really sure what Saw VI will do myself, as I’ve purposely avoided reading any of the news about it. I’ve seen the trailer, but it’s always hard to tell from the cut-aways. The only thing left to do is to go out and see it this weekend… Hopefully, I can drag my girlfriend to it (kicking and screaming, of course, since the fifth made her sick).

How do you feel about the latest release? Have they gone too far? Not far enough? When will it end, should it have already ended? Let me know! Let’s have fruitful discussion.

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