Cultsploitation is the product of a partnership between Ryne from and Michael from Bored with the usual meanderings of large horror movie websites and craving the collaboration from other writers, they started Cultsploitation as a resource for fans of all things cult – from horror to grindhouse to exploitation and more – to cover old and new releases. They also envisioned a podcast network of film shows, a Cult Icons Database to document the most prominent actors and directors of cult cinema, and a large network of other horror writers collaborating on a giant scale. Spread the love – exploit cult cinema with Cultsploitation.

The Writers

Ryne Barber

Horror writer, beer drinker, and lover of cats. Ryne has been writing about horror for years on his own site, and he’s also one part of the Blood and Black Rum Podcast.






Michael Tatlock

Michael has been watching horror movies since he was three. In hindsight, it probably wasn’t  good idea.

He owns and operates the horror website Reviews From the Mind of Tatlock (, and is always looking for ways to become more famous; preferably in a legal way.


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