Friends of Cultsploitation

Here are all of the best horror sites that we know – both those affiliated with Cultsploitation and others around the web! Be sure to check them out, and let us know if you’d like to join the cult.

The Moon is a Dead World

Co-editor Ryne’s solo site, so you know it’s good. Any reviews not covered on Cultsploitation will be published on this site.

From the mind of tatlock

Co-editor Michael’s solo site, so you know it’s good. Lots of cool reviews over here, especially ones that don’t make it to Cultsploitation.

shaun vs. b-movies

A fun site from Shaun, who tackles all kinds of B-movies new and old. You’ll want to check out his witty writing.


Attempting to create an exhaustive encyclopedia of horror films and culture. This is a good resource if you’re looking for film info or original reviews.

Shit Movie Fest

Shit Movie Fest is a website dedicated to exactly the types of films in its title – shit movies. Known for its annual Christmas shitfest!

The Liberal Dead

The Liberal Dead is an excellent horror blog that has slowed down a bit lately. However, it’s still putting out great content occasionally and helped host the Doc Terror Italian Horror Week!

The B-Movie Film Vault

Lots of horror content on this site, including reviews, a podcast, and more! Also check out the sister site The B-Movie News Vault.

The Horror Movie BBQ

Our friend Chad pumping out the horror reviews, the Halloween festivities, and wrestling discussion!

Horror Society

A big little horror site, competing with some of the best names on the web!