Day of the Animals Blu-ray Screenshots (Severin Films)

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BD Info

Day of the Animals BD info
Day of the Animals Bitrate Viewer
Day of the Animals DTS 2.0 mono Spek
Day of the Animals color barcode

Extra Features

  • NEW 2k scan from the internegative
  • NEW Audio Commentary with Film Critic Lee Gambin, Author of “Massacred by Mother Nature: Exploring the Natural Horror Film”
  • Audio Commentary with Actors Lynda Day George and Jon Cedar, moderated by Evil Dead II Co-Writer Scott Spiegel
  • NEW Stephen Thrower on the career of Edward L. Montoro (HD; 20:38)
  • NEW Nature Boy – Interview with Actor Bobby Porter (HD; 17:49)
  • NEW Against Nature – Interview with Actor Andrew Stevens (HD; 12:55)
  • NEW Monty Cox: Unleashed – Interview with Stunt Coordinator Monty Cox (HD; 18:10)
  • NEW Lynda and the Animals – Interview with Actress Lynda Day George (HD; 5:14)
  • Something Was Out There: Day of the Animals 30 Years Later – Interviews with Actors John Cedar, Paul Mantee and Actress/Animal Trainer Susan Backlinie (720p; 21:44)
  • Alternate Opening Title Sequence (HD; 0:38)
  • Radio Spot (0:28)
  • TV Spots (unrestored HD; 0:32)
  • Trailer (unrestored HD; 1:12)
  • NEW Reversible Wrap

Packaging Details

cover scan
Day of the Animals front cover
cover scan
Day of the Animals reverse cover
cover scan
Day of the Animals disc

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