Gallery: Road Games (Scream Factory Blu-ray) Screenshots

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Extra Features

What’s Included?

  • NEW Australian Long Haul – An Interview With Actor Stacy Keach (HD; 13:25)
  • NEW Audio Commentary With Cinematographer Vincent Monton, Production Coordinator Helen Watts, And Costume Designer Aphrodite Kondos, Moderated By Filmmaker Mark Hartley
  • NEW 1980 Script Read With Producer/Director Richard Franklin And Actors Stacy Keach And Marion Edwards (1:56:30)
  • NEW Composer Brian May Music Demos Accompanied By Stills And Poster Gallery (4:15)
  • Audio Commentary With Producer/Director Richard Franklin
  • Kangaroo Hitchcock: The Making Of Road Games – Featuring Interviews With Director Richard Franklin And Actor Stacey Keach (unrestored HD; 20:23)
  • Extended Interviews From Mark Hartley’s Documentary Not Quite Hollywood Featuring Jamie Lee Curtis, Stacy Keach, Director Richard Franklin, Stunt Coordinator Grant Page, Screenwriter Everett De Roche, Cinematographer Vincent Monton, And Assistant Director Tom Burstall (unrestored HD; 1:03:19)
  • Lecture On The Making Of Road Games With Richard Franklin, Co-producer Barbi Taylor, And Composer Brian May, Introduced By Critic Tom Ryan (unrestored HD; 2:10:22)
  • Profile On Richard Franklin (1981) (unrestored HD; 24:35)
  • Audio Interview With Richard Franklin (2001) (23:28)
  • Audio Interview With Actor Stacy Keach (2016) (9:10)
  • Audio Interview With Stunt Coordinator And Actor Grant Page (2016) (32:48)
  • Gallery Of Stills, Production Shots, Storyboards, Newspaper Reviews, Promotional And Artwork Materials (no chapter breaks; 32:13)
  • Theatrical Trailer (unrestored HD; 2:11)

What’s Missing?

Show Features

Umbrella Entertainment

  • Featurette on 4k Telecine Transfer by Roar Digital featuring SD-to-HD Comparisons, Quality Approval & Interview with DoP Vincent Monton


  • Fausto Fasulo interview
  • Intro by JB Therot

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Road Games front cover
Road Games reverse cover

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