Retribution Blu-ray Screenshots (Severin Films)

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BD Info

Retribution theatrical cut BD info
Retribution theatrical cut Bitrate Viewer
Retribution theatrical cut DTS 2.0 Spek
Retribution theatrical cut color barcode
Retribution Dutch extended cut BD info
Retribution Dutch extended cut Bitrate Viewer
Retribution Dutch extended cut DTS 2.0 Spek
Retribution Dutch extended cut color barcode

Extra Features

  • NEW Scanned in 2K from recently discovered pre-print elements
  • Two Versions: Theatrical Cut Version + Extended Dutch Video Release Version
  • NEW Audio Commentary With Co-Writer/Director Guy Magar
  • NEW Writing Wrongs: Interview With Co-Writer Lee Wasserman (HD; 12:18)
  • NEW Shock Therapy: Interview With Actress Leslie Wing (HD; 8:06)
  • NEW Angel’s Heart: Interview With Actress Suzanne Snyder (HD; 6:47)
  • NEW Santa Maria, Mother Of God, Help Me!: Interview With Actor Mike Muscat (HD; 9:09)
  • NEW Settling The Score: Interview With Soundtrack Composer Alan Howarth (HD; 8:15)
  • NEW Visions Of Vengeance: Interview With Special Effects Artist John Eggett (HD; 7:18)
  • NEW The Art Of Getting Even: Interview With Artist Barry Fahr (HD; 6:35)
  • NEW Living In Oblivion: Interview With Production Designer Robb Wilson King (HD; 9:38)
  • BINGO: Student Short By Guy Magar With Optional Director Commentary (unrestored HD; 1:59)
  • Trailers (unrestored HD; 1:46)
  • Stills & Poster Gallery (no chapter breaks; 2:14)
  • NEW Bonus: CD Soundtrack
  • NEW Reversible Artwork
  • NEW limited slipcover

Packaging Details

cover scan
Retribution slipcover front
cover scan
Retribution slipcover back
cover scan
Retribution front cover
cover scan
Retribution reverse cover
cover scan
Retribution booklet front
cover scan
Retribution theatrical cut Blu-ray disc
cover scan
Retribution Dutch extended cut Blu-ray disc
cover scan
Retribution CD disc

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