Blood and Black Rum Podcast episode 14: Voice Without a Shadow

Arrow Video recently released the gorgeous Nikkatsu Diamond Guys: Vol. 1 collection on Blu-Ray, which collects three Japanese murder mystery gems from the late ’50s: Voice Without a Shadow, Red Pier, and The Rambling Guitarist. For our latest podcast episode, we watched Voice Without a Shadow, a fun film that has a few Hitchcockian twists in it. Neither of us are well-versed on our Japanese noir, so this was fairly new to us, and also a new genre to add to the podcast.

Listen in as we talk about one reporter’s dedication to get to the bottom of a murder, despite little help from the detectives who should be working the case. I know I’ve got a hell of a headache today after recording (might be due to the beers and the rye whiskey).

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