CULTOWEEN 2017: My 5 Favorite Films for Halloween by Sarah Barber

We asked our contributors: what are the five films that you love to watch the most for Halloween? As horror fans, we watch genre films all year ’round, but there’s something special about checking them out when the nights are crisp, the leaves are blustery, and the orange lights are glowing. Here are five films for Halloween from our co-editor’s wife Sarah Barber, who makes her Cultsploitation debut!

Hocus Pocus

This is not only my number one Halloween movie, it is my all-time favorite movie that I quote all year round. When I was a kid, I wore out the VHS because I watched it so much. As an adult, I can appreciate the grown-up jokes as well.


This is such a fun movie to watch around Halloween time. The jokes never get old for me and I actually adore the cartoony-ness of this movie. Great colors, actors, and comedy for an enjoyable Halloween film.

Pet Sematary

One of the few movies that actually gives me the creeps to this day. The scene with the sister who suffers from spinal meningitis gets me every time and Ryne likes to tease me for this.

Trick ‘r Treat

This movie holds a special part in my Halloween heart since I’ve started watching it annually during my college years with my roommates. Every year during Halloween time we get together and watch this fun anthology horror film. Every time I watch it I notice something new. Recently, we even decided to make it into a drinking game. Cheers!

Edward Scissorhands

Even though there is a Christmas scene in this movie, it is still a film that I like to watch during Halloween time. I like to think of this movie as a strange, gothic fairy tale, a dark take on the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast. And I always love a sad ending.

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