Gallery: Cruel Jaws (Severin Films Blu-ray) Screenshots

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BD Info

Cruel Jaws Mattei Cut BD info
Cruel Jaws Mattei Cut Bitrate Viewer
Cruel Jaws Mattei Cut 2.0 Spek
Cruel Jaws Snyder Cut BD info
Cruel Jaws Snyder Cut Bitrate Viewer
Cruel Jaws Snyder Cut 2.0 Spek

 Extra Features

  • NEW remastered uncut in HD
  • NEW The Snyder Cut – Unreleased Japanese Extended Cut
  • NEW The Great White Way – A Study in Sharksploitation with Rebekah McKendry (HD; 20:37)
  • NEW These Things Got Made! – Interview with Actor Jay Colligan (HD-ish; 12:00)
  • Trailer (HD; 2:49)

Packaging Details

Cruel Jaws front cover
cover scan
Cruel Jaws disc
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