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Gallery: Pumpkinhead (Scream Factory Blu-ray) Screenshots

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BD Info

Pumpkinhead BD info
Pumpkinhead Bitrate Viewer
Pumpkinhead 5.1 Spek
Pumpkinhead 2.0 Spek

 Extra Features

  • NEW Pumpkinhead Unearthed- making-of featurette (1:03:59)
  • NEW Remembering the Monster Kid – Tribute To Stan Winston Featuring Actors Lance Henriksen And Brian Bremer, Special Effects Artists Alec Gillis, Tom Woodruff Jr., Shannon Shea And More (HD; 49:11)
  • NEW Night of the Demon – interview with Richard Weinman (HD; 16:29)
  • NEW The Redemption of Joel – interview with John D’Aquino (HD; 14:02)
  • NEW The Boy with the Glasses – interview with Matthew Hurley (HD; 14:30)
  • Audio Commentary By Co-Screenwriter Gary Gerani And Creature & FX Creators Tom Woodruff Jr. And Alec Gillis
  • Demonic Toys (unrestored HD; 4:50)
  • Behind-The-Scenes Footage (unrestored HD; 7:11)
  • Theatrical Trailer (unrestored HD; 1:32)
  • Still gallery (chapter breaks; 13:39)

Packaging Details

cover scan
Pumpkinhead front cover
cover scan
Pumpkinhead reverse cover
cover scan
Pumpkinhead disc
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