Halloween 2016: Fright-Rags releasing Roseanne Halloween tee this Saturday!

I don’t think there are many people out there who love Halloween but don’t appreciate at least one Halloween special of Roseanne. That show always did such a great job with their episodes, and I know that my wife and I always watch at least one of them during the season. One of my favorites I posted about all the way back at the start of this site (“Halloween IV”)! Thankfully, Fright-Rags recognizes that Roseanne is an integral part of many Halloween fanatics’ holiday, and their Midnight Madness t-shirt this Saturday, September 10 is an ode to the Conner family.

Not only is this a fantastic shirt design, it’s also available for only $18 thanks to Fright-Rags Midnight Madness sale. This won’t be available long, so you’ll definitely want to pick this up – available at Fright-Rags on Friday after midnight through midnight late Saturday.

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