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Impulse DTS 2.0 mono English Spek

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Extra Features

  • NEW 4K restoration created from rare archival film elements
  • NEW The Making of Impulse (1080p; 14:27)
  • NEW “Shatner Saves Sakata” 16mm with optional audio commentaries with director William Grefe or William Shatner (1080p; 1:31 or 1:45)
  • 40th Anniversary Screening panel at Tampa Theater (1080p; 27:10)
  • KINGDOM OF THE SHATNER – William Shatner Live in Santa Monica – Oct. 9, 2022 (1080p; 1:04:37)
  • NEW Doug Hobart: The Corpse Speaks! (1080p; 33:58)
  • NEW Audio commentary by William Grefé
  • NEW Between the Treks: Shatner in the 1970s (1080p; 26:26)
  • NEW Bill Grefe is Furious (1080p; 1:17:46)
  • NEW Bill’s Miami Stories (1080p; 24:45)
  • NEW Bill’s Sea Stories (1080p; 43:17)
  • Bill Grefe 2011 interview (1080p; 12:34)
  • Live and Let Die news report (480i; 2:39)
  • Legend Award (480i; 9:25)
  • Alternate French soundtrack
  • Bill Grefe’s Film-making Seminars
    • Session One (480i; 2:05:05)
    • Session Two (480i; 1:43:07)
    • Session Three (480i; 1:20:23)
  • Bacardi: Shatner (1080p; 19:32)
  • Fame with William Shatner (480i; 12:09)
  • Investing in Movies with Lauran Bacall (480i; 23:01)
  • “Thumbs” short film (1080p; 6:09)
  • “Iceman” short film (480i; 4:56)
  • “A Cask of Amontillado” short film (1080p; 9:22)
  • “Underwood” short film (1080p; 21:09)
  • THE DEVIL’S SISTERS bonus feature (480i; 1:24:26)
    • Audio commentary with William Grefe
    • Introduction by William Grefe (1080p; 2:42)
    • Devil’s Sisters Revisited (1080p; 9:21)
    • Sisters of the Devil radio spot (0:13)
    • NEW Bill Grefe and the Devil’s Sisters (1080p; 1:20)
    • Still gallery (no chapter breaks; 1:20)
  • THE GODMOTHERS bonus feature (480i; 1:17:39)
    • NEW Intro by Bill Grefe (1080p; 3:55)
  • NEW Glossy illustrated booklet with liner notes by acclaimed underground filmmaker Jacques Boyreau
  • NEW Embossed slipcover with art by esteemed painter Dave Lebow
  • NEW painted William Shatner portrait card
  • Still galleries
    • Production stills (chapter breaks)
    • Press (chapter breaks)
    • Drive In Delirium newsprint ad gallery (no chapter breaks; 4:43)
    • Video releases (chapter breaks)
    • Bill Grefe (chapter breaks)
    • Revival (chapter breaks)
    • Cover art by Dave Lebow (chapter breaks)
  • Theatrical Trailer A (1080p; 1:18)
  • Theatrical Trailer B (1080p; 2:52)
  • “The Dangerous Stranger” short (hidden; 480i; 9:47)
  • Prolapse live performance of “Tina This is Matthew Stone” (hidden; 480i; 5:45)
  • NEW William Grefe interview about Deep Throat (hidden; 1080p; 2:19)
  • NEW William Grefe talks about Quentin Tarantino and Bob Murawski (hidden; 1080p; 1:57)
  • “Tina’s Impulse” short film (hidden; 1080p; 1:56)
  • Swamp Man (hidden; 1080p; 18:14)
  • NEW C. Courtney Joyner on William Shatner’s Full Moon Fright Night (hidden; 1080p; 5:00)
  • NEW Doug Hobart interview outtake (hidden; 1080p; 1:13)
  • Painting William Shatner (hidden; 1080p; 2:29)
  • Tony Crechales still gallery (hidden; chapter breaks)
  • ABC Evening News report on making movies in Georgia (hidden; 480i; 1:55)
  • Grindhouse Releasing prevues

Tech Specs

Release Date: 2024
Definition: 1080p
Runtime: 1:27:05
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Codec: AVC
Audio: DTS-HD MA 2.0 mono English
Subtitles: English

Packaging Details

cover scan
Impulse slipcover front
cover scan
Impulse front cover
cover scan
Impulse reverse cover
cover scan
Impulse booklet cover
cover scan
Impulse Blu-ray disc
cover scan
Impulse extras disc

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