Scream (2022) 4K UHD Screenshots (Paramount Pictures)

Right-click and open image in a new tab for full-size images. Note: due to color inconsistencies in the HDR->SDR conversion, these images are presented without HDR.




BD Info (what’s this?)

Scream UHD BD Info
Scream UHD BD Info

Bitrate Viewer (what’s this?)

Scream UHD Bitrate Info
Scream UHD Bitrate Info

Spek (what’s this?)

Scream UHD 7.1 Spek Info
Scream UHD 7.1 Spek Info
Scream UHD 5.1 Spek Info
Scream UHD 5.1 Spek Info

Extra Features

  • Filmmaker Commentary
  • Deleted Scenes (1080p, 2:57)
  • New Blood (1080p, 7:33)
  • Bloodlines (1080p, 8:33)
  • In the Shadow of the Master (1080p, 7:22)
  • Scream 1996 Trailer (1080p, 1:20)

Packaging Details

Note: A slipcover featuring the same artwork below is also included.

Scream 2022 UHD Sleeve
cover scan
Scream 2022 UHD Disc

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