Bandidos Blu-ray Screenshots (Arrow Video’s Vengeance Trails Boxset)

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BD Info

Bandidos BD Info
Bandidos Bitrate Info
Bandidos English Spek Info
Bandidos Italian Spek Info
Bandidos Color Barcode

Extra Features

  • Audio Commentary by Kat Ellinger
  • A Man in the Saloon (HD, 18:51) – New interview with assistant director Luigi Perelli
  • They Called Him Simon (HD, 11:40) – New interview with actor Gino Barbacane
  • Western Bandits (HD, 11:27) – New interview with Fabio Melelli
  • Alternate End Title Sequence (HD, 1:18)
  • German Promotional Gallery (HD)

Packaging Details

Bandidos Sleeve
Bandidos Reverse Sleeve
cover scan
Bandidos Disc

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