Blood and Black Rum Podcast Episode 51: 2016 Year in Review/BUBBA HO-Tep

In this dual episode, we take a look back at 2016 to discuss some of our episodes as well as the new films that we covered. You can find this discussion in part 1 of the podcast, from 0:00-35:00.

In the interlude, we talk about the beer we’re drinking on the podcast – this time, it’s Sam Adams’ new Hopscape, a wheat pale ale that tastes fairly similar to their Rebel IPA. Skip to 35:04-44:00 for that.

In part 2, we discuss the film in question: Don Coscarelli’s Bubba Ho-Tep, a film about Elvis, aging, and death. While the film has some great themes, both Martin and Ryne found it a bit slow. Check out this discussion from 44:02 to the end of the show.

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