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BD Info

Fulci for Fake BD info
Fulci for Fake Bitrate Viewer
Fulci for Fake Italian 5.1 Spek
Fulci for Fake Italian Dolby 2.0 Spek

 Extra Features

  • NEW Interview with Director Simone Scafidi (HD; 23:18)
  • NEW Crew Interviews (HD; 17:39)
  • NEW Camilla Fulci Uncut: The first and only video interview with Lucio Fulci’s daughter (HD; 1:12:32)
  • NEW Lucio Fulci & Friends: Interview outtakes with Sergio Salvati, Fabio Frizzi, Paolo Malco, Michele Soavi and Enrico Vanzina (HD; 46:27)
  • NEW The Eye Of The Witness: Biographer Michele Romagnoli recalls his relationship with the director (HD; 23:31)
  • NEW Looking For Lucio: Rare home movies from Fulci’s private life and location scouts, with accompanying commentary by Michael Romagnoli and Lucio Fulci (unrestored HD; 15:45)
  • NEW Lucio Fulci’s Audio Tapes: Audio highlights from conversations between Lucio Fulci and Michael Romagnoli for the writing of Fulci’s memoir (HD; 22:45)
  • NEW Zombie Parade at the Venice Film Festival (HD; 1:35)
  • NEW Demonia Backstage (unrestored HD; 9:35)
  • Trailer (HD; 2:28)

Packaging Details

cover scan
Fulci for Fake front cover
cover scan
Fulci for Fake disc

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