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Gallery: Paganini Horror (Severin Films Blu-ray) Screenshots

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Extra Features

What’s Included?

  • NEW 2k transfer from original film negative
  • NEW “Play It Again Paganini” – Interview with director Luigi Cozzi (HD; 30:31)
  • NEW “The Devil’s Music” – Interview with actor Pietro Genuardi (HD; 15:33)
  • NEW Original motion picture soundtrack disc with track listing insert
  • Deleted scenes and alternate ending (unrestored HD; 8:53)
  • Trailer (HD; 2:52)

What’s Missing?

Show Features

88 Films

  • Audio commentary by Troy Howarth
  • “Bloody Violin” – Interview with Luigi Cozzi (different from this release)
  • Interview with Pietro Genuardi (different from this release)
  • Reversible sleeve and slipcover

BD Info

Packaging Details

Paganini Horror front cover
Paganini Horror track listing insert
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