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Gallery: Quatermass and the Pit (Scream Factory Blu-ray) Screenshots

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Extra Features

  • NEW Audio commentary with Steve Haberman and Constantine Nasr
  • NEW Audio commentary with Bruce G. Hallenbeck
  • NEW Interview with Hugh Futcher (HD; 6:40)
  • NEW Interview with Brian Johnson (HD; 5:10)
  • NEW Interview with Trevor Coop (HD; 8:26)
  • NEW Interview with Bob Jordan (HD; 2:23)
  • NEW Reversible cover artwork
  • Interview with Judith Kerr (HD: 17:56)
  • Interview with Julian Glover (HD; 30:43)
  • Interview with Mark Gatiss (HD; 20:04_
  • Interview with Joe Dante (HD; 11:34)
  • Interview with Kim Newman (HD; 30:47)
  • Interview with Marcus Hearn (HD; 12:55)
  • Trailers (HD, unrestored; 5:10)
  • TV spots (HD, unrestored; 1:25)
  • World of Hammer: Sci-Fi (HD, unrestored; 25:39)
  • Alternate credits (HD; 0:27)
  • Still gallery (no chapter breaks; 5:49)

BD Info

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