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Gallery: Tourist Trap (Full Moon Features Uncut Blu-ray) Screenshots

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BD Info

Tourist Trap BD info
Tourist Trap Bitrate Viewer
Tourist Trap Dolby Digital 2.0 Spek
Tourist Trap Dolby Digital 5.1 Spek

Extra Features

  • NEW uncut digitally remastered transfer
  • David Schmoeller audio commentary track
  • Exit Through the Chop Shop: The Making of Tourist Trap featurette (HD; 24:35)
  • Still gallery (no chapter breaks; 3:35)
  • Rare Full Moon Trailers
    • Tourist Trap (SD; 1:55)
    • Crash and Burn (SD; 1:05)
    • Intruder (SD; 1:34)
    • Mansion of the Doomed (SD; 1:41)
    • Shrunken Heads (SD; 1:57)
    • Prehysteria (HD; 1:46)
    • Crash! (SD; 3:55)
    • Blade: The Iron Cross (HD; 2:04)
    • Weedjies: Halloweed Night (HD; 1:56)

Packaging Details

cover scan
Tourist Trap VHS box front cover
cover scan
Tourist Trap VHS box back cover
cover scan
Tourist Trap front cover
cover scan
Tourist Trap disc
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