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Horror Movie Poster of the Day: MY STEPMOTHER IS AN ALIEN

My Stepmother is an Alien isn’t really a horror film, nor does it have a particularly noteworthy poster; however, this week – Wednesday, 4/26 – is Alien Day, and to celebrate The Moon is a Dead World is focusing on a series of alien-themed films throughout the week. We start with this comedy starring Kim Basinger and Dan Aykroyd not because it’s a good film or poster but because I love it all the same.

Specifically, we’re looking at the French poster art for the film, because it’s the better selection. Just take a look at the drawn Aykroyd’s lecherous look that he’s giving the ethereal, angelic Basinger; now that’s a movie I’ve just gotta see, since this poster makes it look like a storyline-driven porno.

Alternatively, the English poster for the film is almost as comical thanks to some poor direction for both Aykroyd and Alyson Hannigan. Presumably the photographer asked both of them to act like someone just shoved an object up their butt. I mean:

Have you seen My Stepmother is an Alien? What did you think?

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