Horror Movie Poster of the Day: WEREWOLF WOMAN

Werewolf Woman goes by many names: La lupa mannara, Legend of the Wolf WomanDaughter of WerewolfTerror of the She-Wolf. All of them refer to this 1976 Italian horror classic from Rino di Silvestro, which recently got a release on Blu-Ray from Raro Video.

No matter the name, Werewolf Woman has a very cool poster, especially the above Italian version. The old-school hand-drawn style is emphasized here with three phases of the wolf woman’s transformation. First, there’s the sleeping beauty, then the experience of changing from woman to animal, and finally the terrifying grotesque monster she eventually becomes. Along with that, the moon hangs above an erotic body shot of Annik Borel, defining the hold the lunar cycle has on her and the film’s many, many nude scenes.

A second English poster pronounces the film as The Legend of the Wolf Woman, and this one features a more colorful aspect along with the very similar (although less eerie) visage of the werewolf woman. The moon blazes in the background as Daniella kneels in a sort of ecstasy, again highlighting the erotic nature of this film (about a woman who has sex with men before killing them). Both are successful, and both would look great hanging on my wall.

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