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Horror Movie Poster of the Day: WITHOUT WARNING

Alien Day may be in the past now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue the celebration of alien-themed films. Today’s horror poster comes from the 1980 film Without Warning, a science fiction tale about a Vietnam war veteran (Martin Landau) and a couple of teenagers battling evil space aliens in California. Now there’s obviously a lot of cheese in the film itself – its alien designs aren’t the best – but the film has two posters that make it look like a much better movie than it really is.

We’ll start with the poster above, which I find the more successful of the two. While it does use the very common procedure of highlighting protagonists within the silhouette of the film’s monster (see: Friday the 13th, released only four months prior to this film), the effort is strikingly impressive – the vibrant reds emanating from the alien itself, the shadowed skull-like visage, and the desperation of the campers trapped within that figure all help to paint a vivid picture of what Without Warning could have been. The alien even has some blood dripping from its claws if you look closely.

without warning poster 2

This second poster isn’t as good, but there’s one thing specifically that I like about it. Notice that the shadowing on the woman’s face isn’t very good, but the artist clearly spent a lot of time detailing the obscenely massive boobs. That’s the kind of artist you want working on your horror film.

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