House of Terrors Blu-ray Screenshots (Mondo Macabro)

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BD Info (what’s this?)

House of Terrors BD info

Bitrate Viewer (what’s this?)

House of Terrors Bitrate Viewer

Spek (what’s this?)

House of Terrors DTS 2.0 mono Japanese Spek

Movie Color Barcode (what’s this?)

House of Terrors color barcode

Extra Features

  • Region A coded US home video premiere
  • Japanese language track with optional English subs
  • NEW 2k restoration from the original negative
  • NEW “Hunchback, Pit or House?” – introduction to the film by Patrick Macias, author of Tokyoscope (1080p; 3:47)
  • NEW “Silent Waves” – intro to Toei horror by Patrick Macias (1080p; 3:43)
  • NEW audio commentary by film scholar Tom Mes
  • Italian Theatrical Trailer (1080p; 4:13)
  • Italian opening credits (1080p; 1:01) 

Packaging Details

cover scan
House of Terrors front cover
cover scan
House of Terrors disc

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