Coraline 4K UHD/Blu-ray Steelbook Screenshots (LAIKA Studios/Shout! Factory)

Right-click and open image in a new tab for full-size images. Note: HDR conversion may not be representative of your viewing experience. Screenshots taken at 100 nits.

4K UHD Screencaps

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Blu-ray Screencaps



BD Info (what’s this?)

Coraline 4K BD info
Coraline Blu-ray BD info

Bitrate Viewer  (what’s this?)

Coraline 4K Bitrate Viewer
Coraline Blu-ray Bitrate Viewer

Spek (what’s this?)

Note: due to a firmware error reading the disc, we were not able to get scans of the UHD audio tracks.

Coraline Blu-ray DTS 5.1 English Spek
Coraline Blu-ray DTS 5.1 Spanish Spek
Coraline Blu-ray DTS 5.1 French Spek

Movie Color Barcode (what’s this?)

Coraline Blu-ray color barcode

Extra Features


  • NEW 4K Restoration
  • NEW Dolby Atmos 7.1 Mix


  • “Inside LAIKA” – Discovering The Characters Of Coraline Featuring Never-Before-Seen Test Footage (1080p; 10:45)
  • “Inside LAIKA” – Revisiting The Puppets With LAIKA’s Animation Team
    • The Beldam (1080p; 1:16)
    • Mr. Bobinsky (1080p; 1:40)
    • The Cat (1080p; 1:12)
    • Coraline Jones (1080p; 1:15)
    • ‘Other’ Father (1080p; 1:05)
    • ‘Other’ Mother (1080p; 1:10)
    • Wybie Lovat (1080p; 1:02)
  • Photo Galleries
    • Character Art (chapter breaks; 2:06)
    • Concept Art (chapter breaks; 2:06)
    • Behind the scenes (chapter breaks; 2:06)
  • Audio Commentary With Director Henry Selick And Composer Bruno Coulais
  • The Making Of Coraline (1080p; 36:14)
  • Original Featurettes
    • Creepy Coraline (1080p; 5:03)
    • Voicing the Characters (1080p; 10:47)
  • Deleted Scenes (1080p; 8:44)
  • Feature-Length Storyboards (1080p; 1:34:02)
  • Trailer (1080p; 2:25)
  • Art & Essay Mini-Book

Packaging Details

cover scan
Coraline 4K steelbook front
cover scan
Coraline 4K steelbook interior
cover scan
Coraline booklet front
cover scan
Coraline 4K UHD disc
cover scan
Coraline 4K Blu-ray disc

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