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My Favorite Halloween Specials #1 – “And Then There Was Shawn”

Who didn’t love Boy Meets World when it was on in the ’90s? I know I sure did, because TGIF was probably one of my favorite blocks of shows besides SNICK. So when Boy Meets World came out with a slasher episode that resembled the Screams and I Know What You Did Last Summer‘s of that era, I was all for it.

And still am. This episode, entitled “And Then There Was Shawn,” is one of my all-time favorite Halloween television episodes. In it, Cory’s class is stuck in detention with Mr. Feeney, and they all become victims to a killer that is comically on the loose in the school. Funny and effectively campy, Boy Meets World pulled off great satire before Scary Movie even came out.


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