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Participate in the Cultsploitation Christmas Cult Film Tournament

Happy December 1! We’re in the Christmas spirit this year. So we’re trying something a little different.

Click here to find our 2017 Cultsploitation Christmas Cult Film Tournament bracket. We have assembled four divisions of Christmas films to duke it out, with only one becoming this year’s Christmas Cult Film Champion. The rules are simple – download the bracket, fill out your picks for who you think will win the tournament, and send the brackets to us at [email protected].

The person who gets the most correct will win a cool giveaway package from us. We’ll announce the contents at a later date. Please have your entries in by Sunday, 12/10, at midnight.
Starting Monday, 12/11, we will begin posting each of the match-ups for the four divisions in polls. Whichever film gets the most votes will move on to the next round and so on until we reach the Champion!
Any questions, send us a message. Thanks for playing!
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