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Blood and Black Rum Podcast Episode 130: HAPPY DEATH DAY

We know that Happy Death Day 2U is already out and in theaters, but what’s the point in seeing the sequel if you haven’t covered the first one? That’s why we’re talking about 2017’s Happy Death Day, a happy surprise from Blumhouse that adopts Groundhog’s Day into a slasher film that emphasizes both wit and horror. While there are some differing opinions from our podcasters in this episode, both of them did enjoy the movie for the most part and talk about Jessica Rothe’s bitchy character, the humor, the PG-13 kills, and a lot more. Click that play button above to listen.

Approximate timeline

0:00 – 15:00 Intro
15:00 – 26:00 Beer talk
26:00 – end Happy Death Day

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