Episode 16 of Blood and Black Rum Podcast out now, featuring My Bloody Valentine

We’re talking My Bloody Valentine (the original, not the remake) this time on our 16th episode of Blood and Black Rum Podcast. This is a little late considering Valentine’s Day was last Sunday, but we decided to run with it anyway – because Martin’s never seen the film before, and because I recently got the Fright-Rags shirt.

Though Martin wasn’t completely enamored with the film, we talk about the POV shots, comparing it to other slashers of the time. We also cover the censorship issues the film encountered, especially since we watched the uncut version with three extra minutes. But we find even more time to discuss Moosehead Beer and Schlitz (which we drank while watching), and count the number of times we actively noticed a Canadian accent. In short, we have a ton of fun, and we hope you enjoy listening.

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