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Gallery: Alice, Sweet Alice (Arrow Video Blu-ray) Screenshots

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BD Info

Alice, Sweet Alice BD info
Holy Terror BD info

Extra Features

  • NEW Reversible cover artwork
  • NEW Limited edition booklet
  • NEW Audio commentary with Richard Harland Smith
  • NEW Interview with Alfred Sole (HD; 18:42)
  • NEW Interview with Stephen Lawrence (HD; 14:59)
  • NEW Interview with Niles McMaster (HD; 16:02)
  • NEW Locations of Alice, Sweet Alice (HD; 16:02)
  • NEW Interview with Dante Tomaselli (HD; 11:18)
  • NEW Deleted scenes (mute; HD; 2:45)
  • NEW Alternate cut – Holy Terror (HD; 1:47:13)
  • Alternate opening titles (HD; 1:13)
  • Audio commentary with Alfred Sole and Edward Salier
  • Original trailer (HD; 1:44)
  • UK TV spot (SD; 0:16)
  • Image gallery (chapter breaks; 6:40)
  • Original screenplay (BD-ROM; PDF)

Packaging Details

Alice Sweet Alice Blu-ray Front Sleeve
Alice Sweet Alice Blu-ray Reverse Sleeve
Alice Sweet Alice Blu-ray Booklet Cover
Alice Sweet Alice Blu-ray Booklet Contents
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