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vice squad poster

Gallery: Vice Squad (Scream Factory Blu-ray) Screenshots

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Packaging Details

Vice Squad Front Sleeve
Vice Squad Reverse Sleeve

BD Info

Extra Features

  • NEW Interview with Gary Swanson (HD; 58:05)
  • NEW Interview with Gary Sherman (HD; 1:12:52)
  • NEW Interview with Brian Frankish (HD; 1:02:29)
  • NEW Interview with Beverly Todd (HD; 44:06)
  • NEW Interview with Pepe Serna (HD; 58:19)
  • NEW Interview with Michael Ensign (HD; 24:13)
  • NEW Location featurette (HD; 11:36)
  • NEW Audio commentary with Gary A. Sherman and Brian Frankish
  • NEW Reversible cover artwork
  • NEW Slipcover (limited)
  • Theatrical trailer (HD, not restored; 0:57)
  • Radio spots (0:59)
  • TV spots (HD, not restored; 3:36)
  • Poster and lobby card gallery (no chapter breaks; 3:07)
  • Publicity gallery (no chapter breaks; 5:31)
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